It is with much pleasure that we welcome you to UNITED HIGH SCHOOL a school with a current and innovating view on education.

Located in the neighbourhood of Belgrano, United High School is a non-religious, coeducational English bilingual institution, with over 30 years of experience spanning pre-school, primary and secondary levels. Our teaching staff and directors may speak of a vast trajectory and professional experience completely dedicated to the individual teaching and follow-up of each student, a staff which participates continuously in updated technique workshops.

The quest of academic excellence together with a well-rounded education integrated in positive human values, is one of our main objectives.

Calendar 2017
03/07: Professionals Board
07/07: Independence Day Ceremony at 3:30 pm
07/07: Secondary School Dancing Night
07/07: Parents Meeting K4 Friendly Frogs at 3 pm
07/07: Professionals Board
10/07: Parents Meeting K4 Friendly Frogs at 3 am
10/07: Parents Meeting for Happy Hippos (K5) at 9 am
10/07: Parents Meeting K5 Happy Hippos at 9 am
10/07: Independence Day Ceremony Primary School
Choir Gathering at Los Molinos
Participate and share …
Rain and lights
So much fun …
Professionals Board - first event
Inspiration lies in the example …
Sports Events
Rugby and Hockey …
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