Our Project
Mision, Vision and Institutional Values


To proactively shape our students with a comprehensive humanist education, placing equal priority in the academic, artistic and athletic areas so that they may be recognised for their achievements and human values, all under the philosophy of continuous improvement.


To become an Institution that is acknowledged for the trustworthiness of its graduate students’ academic achievements and their goodwill, so that they may positively contribute to an ever-growing society.


Meeting the challenges posed by today’s world, it is our aim to forge a style, a way of being and acting, a life philosophy based on:
AETHICA ETHICS in actions and attitudes, as a system of belief based on Love.
PERSEVERANTIA PERSEVERANCE in the pursuit of goals drawn towards Rectitude in the action, and in the practice of continuous improvement.
PASSIO PASSION for knowledge that leads to Wisdom, for the commitments to our fellow human beings, for the quest for Truth, for the culture of Peace.

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